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Valuation Link Residential Desktop Appraisal

Features & Benefits

Unconventional, Low Cost, Industry Accepted

  • USPAP compliant desktop appraisals
  • Performed by state certified or licensed appraisers
  • Inspection of the subject property
  • Comparable photos
  • Licensed appraiser contact information
  • Market analytics and graphics
  • Comparable sales and list grids
  • Comparable adjustments
  • Aerial photography
  • Automated comparable mapping
  • Market conditions, property trends and exposure time
  • Sales concessions and deductions
  • Subject pictometry aerial images
  • Public record data for subject
  • Review tools
  • Addenda included in the ACE report:
    • Market area
    • Location and view influences
    • Market conditions and trends
    • Reconciliation analysis
    • Market characteristics
    • Subject aerial imagery
    • Third-party inspection photos
    • Location maps
    • Comment addendum

Versatile Purpose

  • 2nd lien originations
  • Default management
  • REO
  • Servicing
  • Portfolio management
  • Home Equity (HELOC)
  • Replacing the BPO
  • Loans held by institutions
  • Property tax appeal


USPAP compliant desktop appraisals are performed by state certified or licensed appraisers.